Separating Tabber

Tabbed Product and Fragment Descriptions.
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Separating Tabber

Post by andrew_berry » Thu Jul 14, 2011 3:52 pm

Hi all

Is there a way to keep the Product Description at the top of the Product Layout (just under the Product Heading) and the Tabber at the bottom Product Layout after the Add to Cart Button

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Re: Separating Tabber

Post by norman » Thu Jul 14, 2011 4:43 pm

Yes. Covered in the Tabber ReadMe. Look for:


The tabs are usually displayed inline with the description but a more sophisticated
layout can be achieved by separating the description text from the tabbed display.
Do this by replacing:

<actinic:variable name="ProductDescription" />


<actinic:variable name="TabbedDescription" value="TabbedProductPrefix" />
<actinic:variable name="TabbedDescription" value="TabbedProductTabs" />
<actinic:variable name="TabbedDescription" value="TabbedProductSuffix" />

TabbedProductPrefix is the description before the tabbed text.
TabbedProductSuffix is the description after the tabbed text.
TabbedProductTabs is the tabbed display.
These can be located in different places in your layout if required.

A similar set of layouts is available for Fragments and Extended Info text.

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