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Other Info Field positioning

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2010 3:03 pm
by hoops
Hi Norman

this is my first topic after finding a link to your add-ons on the Actinic forums. I'm loving this code as before this information was either being done by email exchange with the customer or via the boxes during checkout. I always felt that the data gathgering was disjointed and could be improved on. Now I am testing you r code I can see it can be. Thankyou :mrgreen:

During my testing though I had encountered a few problems which I would appreciate help with if possible.

Actinic V7.0.7
Browser Firefox 3.5.7

Problem 1

Other Info field postitioning.

At the moment these fields are falling in between the displayed price and the quantity box.

How do I go about moving the positions of these fields so that they either are above or below the product choice drop-down lists?

Problem 2

The customisation of the text that is shown in your file doesn't seem to work. I can set field character length and max entered character length ok but I can't change the colour using your {text-} code even though I used the two examples you provided. I get the {text-} code displayed along with the field description. I have to use Actinic's required field colour selection to change colour. I want the required fields in the cart to be highlighted as red but do not want it as red on the product page. I'd like it the same colour as the rest of the text.

The code I have tried is shown below:
60.25{text-align:left; color:black}Rider Name|60.3{text-align:left; color:black}Rider Number|60{text-color:black}Logo 1|60{text-color:black}Logo 2|60{text-color:black}Logo 3|60{text-color:black}Logo 4

In the end the only code I can get to work is:

60.25Rider Name (max 25 char)|60.3Rider Number (max 3 char)|60Logo 1|60Logo 2|60Logo 3|60Logo 4

Re: Other Info Field positioning

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2010 4:25 pm
by norman
Positioning of the Other Info text is done in V7 by editing your Product Template. In V7 via Advanced / Template Manager. As with any design change, you'll need some HTML knowledge and design skills.

As for the formatting issues, you've not said where you got this code from, the version it is and not posted an URL of a live page for me to look at.

If it's a paid for version then it may include these capabilities. If it's the old donationware version then not all features may be available.

As V7 is now effectively obsolete (actinic has now been on V9 for a year) there's not much more I can do.

Re: Other Info Field positioning

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2010 4:51 pm
by hoops
Hi Norman

I downloaded the code from your site ... olumns.txt

Your file suggests that changing the text colour is available in this version hence my surprise when it didn't work especially when I used your example to start with.

As for the reference to "Paid". I will gladly pay for this code once I have it doing everything I want and finished testing it. Not paying for it was/is not an option. In fact I can't believe you didn't charge for it in the first place.

It's currently running on a local test server hence my omission of a link and the inclusion of the jpeg.

The issue of how old version 7.0.7 is is currently being dealt with as I am in the process of trialling v9.0.5 but wanted this code up and running asap.

Re: Other Info Field positioning

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2010 5:01 pm
by norman
It's possible that you have CSS overriding your chosen style but without an URL my hands are tied.

Actinic volunteer support can be found on but you'll find only few willing to help with V7 as it's now generally considered a waste of time to develop anything new on it.