Upgrading to Upsell Mk2

Adding upsell items to a product.
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Upgrading to Upsell Mk2

Post by norman » Fri Jan 13, 2006 7:34 pm

Updating Existing Upsell to Mk 2

This note is only for existing users of Upsell (installed prior to 18-12-05) who want to upgrade to the Mk2 version.

It is not needed if you are making a clean installation.


Download the Demo Upsell from http://www.drillpine.biz/actinicstuff and follow the installation readme with the exception that when unzipping the files into your Site folder do not include the popupsupport.js. Use your existing version of popupsupport.js.


Upsell V2 uses a much cleaner method of opening the Upsell popup. Unfortunately
this requires that the Upsell items now need the "Extended Info Button" selected
instead of the "Clicking Product Image".
(The customer still clicks the Upsell image icon - it's only the setting in Actinic that changes)

You can make these changes manually in Actinic if you only have a few Upsell items.


In the Actinic Product Tree go to each Upsell product and select the Extended Information tab.
Under Display By:, uncheck "Clicking Product Image" and check "Extended Info Button"

Repeat the above for all Upsell items.

That's it.


If you have many such items then you can automate this to replace all such settings.

To do this you will need to have Access 2000 or later on your system.

Close Actinic.

Go to your Site folder and make a backup of ActinicCatalog.mdb

Double-click ActinicCatalog.mdb to open it in Access

Under Objects click Queries

Click Create Query in Design View

The design should open with a "Show Table" window on top. Close the Show Table window.

Right-click the empty grey area of the "Query: Select Query1" window and choose SQL View.

The window should now change to a white box containing "SELECT;"

Delete that and paste in the following instead.

UPDATE Product SET Product.bDisplayByButton = -1, Product.bDisplayByImage = 0
WHERE (((Left([sExtendedInfoLayout],6))="Upsell"));

Go to File (on Main Menu) and choose Save As

In the "Save Query 'Query1'" / "To:" field type UpdateUpselltoV2 and click OK.

Close the Update Query window (Now titled "UpdateUpselltoV2 : Update Query")

You should now see the UpdateUpselltoV2 listed in the Queries list.

Double-click it to run the update.

You will be given 2 warnings about changing records, say Yes to both.

That's the Database converted.

Close Access and Restart Actinic.

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