Problem in Actinic V8 and V9

Images added to each Choice. Images displayed as scaled down icons. Main image swaps when the Choice is selected.
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Problem in Actinic V8 and V9

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There is a known problem in Actinic V8/9 which affects this add on. The add on works fine when used with existing choices in any site but when a new choice is added a second images entry box appears on the screen. Before filling in the details you should shut down and restart Actinic as entering data into the double boxes can cause Actinic to crash and damage the access database. If you copy existing choices from another product to the new product and then edit them there is no problem.

Actinic are aware of the problem but are not likely to deal with it until revision V9.0.4 or possibly later.
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Re: Problem in Actinic V8 and V9

Post by norman »

That's what I've found too. It's not related to my add-on. Anyone adding a user Variable to a Choice will be in trouble. See (post 17 on for gory details). Unfortunately I have no control over Catalog.exe so will have to wait for a fix like everyone else.

Doing it in several months (9.0.4 or later) isn't my way. I'm more used to fixing problems with my add-on's the same-day they're reported.
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