Problem with install 2013 version

Images added to each Choice. Images displayed as scaled down icons. Main image swaps when the Choice is selected.
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Problem with install 2013 version

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Hi Norman
We have installed Dynamic Choice 2013 and it seem to be working Ok but it has stopped the correct functioning of Drop Down Choice Boxes throughout the site .
Please see here ... Boots.html
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Re: Problem with install 2013 version

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What was happening was that drop down lists were opening above the select box in an overlapping prior text unstyled mess.

In case anyone has a similar problem, this turned out to be that file dynamicchoiceimagessupport.css was not being processed correctly by SD (yet another SD quirk). It contained a BlockIf that was not being recognised. Fix was to copy / rename that file and the reference to it and then manually edit the new version to remove the BlockIf and include the code that should have been conditionally generated.
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