SD 2013 spurious warnings on MOTO form

Images added to each Choice. Images displayed as scaled down icons. Main image swaps when the Choice is selected.
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SD 2013 spurious warnings on MOTO form

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Problem: When choosing a product in the MOTO form, spurious warnings about Extended Info Images appear if these products use dynamic choice images on radio buttons.

This is yet another hideous bug in SellerDeck. The PageType variable should remain the same all the way through a page being generated. In SD 2013 it seems to be unreliable within the Moto Form.

I have found a (sort of) workaround. However, it’s only useful if you don’t use Extended Info pages as it has the side effect of disabling the display of the dynamic choice images on Extended Info pages.

Fix is: Go to Design / Library / Conditions / Choice Image Control / ShowDynamicChoices. Delete the text MOTO Form leaving the two quotes around it (like ""). Leave the rest of the line intact.

Condition was:

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! ( (<actinic:variable name="PageType" /> == "MOTO Form") || ((<actinic:variable name="PageType" /> == "Section") AND ! <actinic:variable name="DCI-ShowOnSectionPages" />) )

Condition should now look like:

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! ( (<actinic:variable name="PageType" /> == "") || ((<actinic:variable name="PageType" /> == "Section") AND ! <actinic:variable name="DCI-ShowOnSectionPages" />) )
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