Multiple Other Info Prompts.....Quantity & Add to Cart

Collect several lines of customer entered data with a product.
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Multiple Other Info Prompts.....Quantity & Add to Cart

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Dear Norman,

Re. Multiple Other Info Prompts

I have implimented your Other Info Prompts Patch successfully on the website I am currently building, but have a slight problem with the width of the Quantity and Add to Cart Button.

They seem to be the same size as the extra other info fields above.

I have looked at this for some time now, trying to change the ProductLine.html template but with no joy.

Is there a simple solution to this ? Probably something silly I am missing/not seeing !!

Specific Page Link is : ... rome_.html

Many Thanks for your time and thoughts.

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This isn't coming from my patch. Probably this code in your style.css is responsible

Code: Select all

input	{
						border:1px solid #9C9C9C;
						margin:0px 0px 1px 0px;
Please remember that these patches are Donationware. I also see my Dynamic Product Image code in your pages.

PS you may also want to look at your pages in Firefox and use its Tools / JavaScript Console to help fix the JavaScript errors in your menu. These look like extraneous line feeds, probably caused by copy/pasting from the Advanced Guide PDF.
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Many Thanks

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Many Thanks. That was it !!

Couldn't see the wood from the trees !

I was trying out the Add-Ons and have settled with the 2 i.e. Dynamic Pics and Multiple Info Prompts. I tried NorMenu but it didn't really work for what I needed so have implimented my own menu system instead.

We have spoken in the past and I used your Addons on Actinic 5 some years ago (when I worked for an Actinic Reseller/Developer).

Thanks for your help.

Giles Keen
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