Extra Info Fields - Shopping Cart / Order Pages

Collect several lines of customer entered data with a product.
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Extra Info Fields - Shopping Cart / Order Pages

Post by gtkeen »

Dear Norman,

I wonder if you are able to advise/help.

I have implimented your Extra Info Fields on an upgraded Actinic 5 site (now Actinic

Have a look at the following page as an example : http://www.pettag.co.uk/acatalog/Tags_for_Dogs.html

When the extra info is added, the confirmation page is fine, but the Cart/Checkout page is not i.e. it is not showing the extra info fields correctly (as you will see).

I have spent ages looking through the Cart Templates/Order Page 1 but cannot see what to change to make the extra info fields display correctly.

Do you have a template that displays ok that I could use (or do you know what I have missed). Does the cart layout (extra info fields) come from the patched files you said to patch ?? I have done the patches ok per your instructions.

Any advice/ideas would be great as otherwise it is working fine.

I think I donated way back, but will send you over a "topup" donation as inflation has gone up alot since i last sent over a donation to you.

Many Thanks

Giles Keen
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Re: Extra Info Fields - Shopping Cart / Order Pages

Post by norman »

Your View Cart pages look like you've not patched ActinicOrder.pm as per the ReadMe. You can get this from http://www.drillpine.biz/actinicstuff

PS. I see a JavaScript error on all your pages. Look at the site with Firefox and use its Tools / Error Console.

Also missing code in your BODY tag. You have

Code: Select all

Should be

Code: Select all

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