Multi OtherInfo Textareas

Collect several lines of customer entered data with a product.
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Multi OtherInfo Textareas

Post by graphicz »

I would like all the MOI inputs to be textareas.
I have looked at and viewtopic.php?f=15&t=598
and am unable to make this work. For example, the AUG says to look for 2161 in ActinicOrder, but the patched script does not have that line.
Patching the scripts as in the post above does not product textareas in the MOI.
How can I patch things so each input of MOI is a text area?
Many thanks.
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Re: Multi OtherInfo Textareas

Post by norman »

Multi Other Info is designed to let you have and control user input line-by-line.

Altering it to allow some / all such fields to be textareas would be a huge job and well beyond the free support that can be given here.
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