Multiple Images (Icons)

Display several small images against a main product. Clicking these images swaps the main product image.
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Multiple Images (Icons)

Post by bash »


Just working with the multiple images addon and its working very well.

I have got it working perfect for most of the things that i am trying to do, now i am trying to do one for a product that is available in 4 sizes but not all "colours" are available in each size.

(will be come more clear with url) ... board.html

only the 8" and 9" are available for that item but i would like to show the grey image for the 7" and 10".

(this site is following a catalogue so needs to look similar)

i have managed to get the first one to show, but cannot get the 4th one to show.

is there any way that i can force the "Extra Images Advanced > Icon3" to show its icon?


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Post by norman »

Hi, Dan

That Icon0 .. Icon6 is a little used feature so you're the first to ask about it. It is designed to let you specify your own icon that will display separately from the image that appears if you click it.

I've tested it here and it seems to work fine. Your problem may be that you're using the wrong icon number.

The way this add-on works is that the original product image can be automatically included as the first icon (by setting IncludeProductImage to True). This is index 0 and if you don't put anything for index 0 to override then the main image displays. If you put a home brewed Icon0 then this is used instead and the main image appears when you click it. You can overide the main product image by setting ExtraImage0 to your own image.

The user supplied extra images generally use indexes 1 .. 6. Again you can specify an alternative Icon(n) if you want. Nothing will display unless you have a ExtraImage(n) defined.

It may be possible that you've not defined the ExtraImage(n) or have used the wrong index.
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Post by bash »

Ahh, ok,

I see, so the Icon(n) file, will not be shown unless the ExtraImage(n) has a file present EVEN though ExtraImage(n) is not shown.

What ive done for this example: ... board.html

There are 4 images, 7", 8", 9" and 10". But only 8" and 9" are available to buy, but i want to show a greyed out icon for 7" and 10".

ExtraImage(0) = Image for 9
ExtraImage(1) = Image for 8
ExtraImage(2) = Image for 9
ExtraImage(3) = Image for 9

Icon(0) = Icon for 7
Icon(1) = Nothing
Icon(2) = Nothing
Icon(3) = Icon for 10

This now works as i would like it to, with the icons for 7 & 10 showing image 9 when clicked.

Thanks for your help once again
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