Switching off level 2 menu

Two level, smoothly expanding, search engine friendly accordion menu.
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Switching off level 2 menu

Post by outdoormonkey »

I've managed to apply a condition to the accordion layout, following another post in this forum, to remove a level 2 category from the list but now it seems to be displaying the level 3 categories in the expanded list as well. I know you can set it to only display a certain number of these subsub menus or all but how can I set it to display none of them? I can only put numerical commands into the Site and Layout options panels.

Example here : http://shop.memory-map.co.uk - try the accessories section > Waterproof accessories

Also, when you click on the sub menu title it doesn't display that categories page, just expands the menu further into the subsub menu

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Re: Switching off level 2 menu

Post by norman »

Your changes have probably broken the menu. Undo them and if it works OK (like it does for everybody else) you will have to make a different mod.

There is a setting available to limit the menu to 2 levels only. See the ReadMe for details.
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