Alternative menu views

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Alternative menu views

Post by ChandlerReynolds »

We want to provide our customers with alternative views of the products they are looking for.

So, for example, assume we have pages which group together all of the same products together (e.g. all the mugs on one page, all the books on one page etc).

We have also set up set of product duplicates, so that (for example) we'll show all the Green (or Red or Blue) products together... mugs and books all mixed up.

So, whether the customer enters the site looking for a mug or a book or just a product of a particular colour, they will find a section in which all the catalogue pages list just those products that they are interested in.

We currently use the Accordion Menu and because of the number of sections that this approach creates, it makes for a very long menu.

Ideally, I want to show TWO menus on the page :-

1. Menu by Product Type (listing only those sections containing the 'raw' products)
2. Menu by (in this example) Colour Choice (showing only those sections containing the duplicated products)

Anyone got any ideas how we can achieve this ?

Thanks !
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Re: Alternative menu views

Post by norman »

Accordion cannot do this without so much customisation that it becomes a bespoke solution at significant cost.

Far easier to use custom searches based on a "Colour" Choice. You then get a full list of relevant results complete with thumbnail images. Standard Actinic functionality so ask on their Community if unsure.
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