Multi Column Menu

Horizontal menu bar with dynamic multi column drop-down display.
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Multi Column Menu

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Hello, im playing with the multi column menu that Alex Wren asked you for and before I show the client, I just wanted to know if there was a way I could show an arrow below the menu item? I have attached an screenshot of what im trying to explain.

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Re: Multi Column Menu

Post by norman »

Probably - but you'll need significant web-design and CSS expertise.

The top row could could be made tall enough for the white menu text and the point of the arrow. You would use a background image that is white with a small grey area underneath. The hover could use a background image that is red with grey underneath and also contains the arrow (and is wide enough to deal with the widest Section description).

I'm not a designer so you may want to ask someone with the relevant skills if you don't have them.
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