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Showing the old price when using Discount Sections.

Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2004 12:45 am
by norman
This came by e-mail but as it's a general purpose problem I'll answer it on the Forum.

> Dear Norman, I am trying to set up a sale section on my web shop and
> wondered how you set it up to show the original price scored out and
> then the new price, as when I do the Disc sect method it just seems to
> put in the new price and the same goes for the sell1 and sell 2 check
> box options.

This is a two step process and Norcat is only involved in one of them.

I'm assuming your usual price is in SELL1

1) In Norcat go to Options / Advanced / Customvars / SELL1
check Generate
set Prefix to "<font color=gray><s>Was £" (without the quotes)
set Suffix to "</s>&nbsp;</font><br>" (without the quotes)
check Hide if Blank
set Hide if.. to "<="

What this will do is to set an Actinic Custom Property called SELL1 to contain e.g.

<font color=gray><s>Was £12.34"</s>&nbsp;</font><br>

if and only if the calculated selling price (from Discount Sections or a price override) is less than the T2T SELL1 price. If the selling price is the same as SELL1 then nothing will be generated and that Custom Property will be empty.

2) That's the Custom Property generated, but it won't be displayed anywhere unless you edit an Actinic Template and add it in.

Edit Act_ProductPrice.html (in your Site1 folder) and change the line (this example for V7) from

Code: Select all

<br><span class="actxsmall"><b> NETQUOTEVAR:PRICEPROMPT &nbsp;NETQUOTEVAR:DISCOUNT_QUANTITY&nbsp;NETQUOTEVAR:COST</b></span><span class="actxxsmall">NETQUOTEVAR:TAXMESSAGE</span>

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Alternatively if you'd like this message after the product description you could add it into your Product Templates (do all 4 off - Norcat_CompactLine.html, Norcat_CompactLine-NoImage.html, Norcat_ProductLine.html and Norcat_ProductLine-NoImage.html)

and replace

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