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jQuery NorList - Highlight special Sections

Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 9:45 am
by norman
If you want to highlight some Sections within the menu (special offers, etc) then do the following:

Go to Design / Library / Variables / Section.
Right-click Section and choose New Variable.
Set it as follows:

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Name:  HighlightInMenu
Prompt:Highlight In Menu
Group: Section
Place of Setting: Section
Panel Name: Properties
Allow <Use Parent> as an Option: unchecked
Type: True/False
Initial Value: False
Top Level Value: False
Go to Design / Library / Layouts / NorList Menu / NorList Support Code.
Above the line </style> add a new line:

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	.nlspecial {background: url('ui-bg_glass_40_ffc73d_1x400.png') !important;}
Go to Design / Library / Layouts / NorList Menu / NorList Dynamic Menu Code.
Look for the line starting:

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Amend that part of the line to be (leave the rest of the line intact):

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<li><a <actinic:block if="%3cactinic%3avariable%20name%3d%22HighlightInMenu%22%20%2f%3e" >class="nlspecial" </actinic:block>
Go to Design / Library / Layouts / NorList Menu / NorList Sub Sections.
Repeat the above step for each entry within NorList Sub Sections.

Now for any Section you want to highlight, in Section Details / Properties / Section, set Highlight In Menu to True.

Change the background image file ui-bg_glass_40_ffc73d_1x400.png to suit your requirements (several are available), or create your own.