Using Nortree on part of the site

Basic cascading menu for Actinic 5 onwards.
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Using Nortree on part of the site

Post by haggispie »

Hi Norman,

Still working on Tartan Kilts, and after stumbling onto Nortree, I wish to use it for the RSCDS section.

I've just got a few queries regarding the nortree program before I install onto computer.

Is it possible to use the nortree on parts of the website? I've created a duplicate primary template called number two, which has a different styling to the existing website.

If I add the nortree to that template will the rest of the site be ok?

thanks for your overview of Actinic, it was really appreciated.

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Post by norman »

Hi, Ruth

There's no problem in having NorTree on only some pages.

However it will show the entire Section structure.
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