From November 2004 - Most Items now "DonationWare"

Basic cascading menu for Actinic 5 onwards.
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From November 2004 - Most Items now "DonationWare"

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These are major pieces of work. You should consider paying a little (or donating a product from your site) for these addons if you are using them on any non-charitable site.

If you are just evaluating Actinic then feel free to test them out but I won't be able to provide extensive help.

If you are a developer being paid to implement these patches then you or your client should contribute.

Contact me at if you would prefer to be invoiced. Alternatively you can donate by PayPal to This will, of course, encourage me to create more addons, keep these extensions up-to-date with changes in Actinic and provide the time needed to deal with your support.

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