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Nortree problems

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 12:14 pm
by Bloke
Hi Norman

Im having problems with Nortree since re-designing (and changing from the /Site1 folder to /new-design)

Sometimes an upload causes all menu items to point to the Act_PreviewWarningPage.html page, sometimes not(!) I have to manually refresh the Act_section_tree.js file to fix it when it does.

It also no longer remains static in IE8 but is fine in Firefox, the menu boxes also always collapse to the minimum height in IE8

Another thing is that Act_section_tree.js is huge! Nearly 400k and according to Yslow, is not being cached and therefore downloaded for every page view! yikes! Do you know of a way to streamline this at all? Perhaps an upgrade to Norcascade is in order if that willl help fix things

Thanks Norman and keep up the good work!


Re: Nortree problems

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:01 pm
by Bloke
I should add to this that i found another post on this forum that suggested i rename the Act_section_tree.js file to something else and try again, didnt work so i renamed the /Site1 folder but then nothing worked properly (this particular site is in /new-design) So i made a new Site1 folder and copied the required js files into that, no wonder its a mess huh!

any thoughts would be greatly appreciated


Re: Nortree problems

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 5:24 pm
by norman
I'm afraid that I've not got any real solutions on this one.

NorTree doesn't create or upload the Act_section_tree.js file. This is done by Actinic and any problems there are due to Actinic bugs that I'm unable to fix.

NorTree was designed for Actinic V6 and V7 and is essentially obsolete like these two Actinic versions.

I made a V8 version in order to provide a stopgap solution to allow sites to have something working while they looked for an alternative. That was over three years ago. It's really reached the end of it's life by now.

I won't be doing any maintenance on it - for example to work with Actinic V9, newer browsers (IE8, Chrome and Safari for the PC) for example.

Your site is also using a huge (450Kb) Act_section_tree.js which must be annoying first time customers.

It may be time to look for an alternative solution.

Re: Nortree problems

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:39 pm
by Bloke
Thanks Norman

Would Norcascade do it for us?

and any thoughts on how to reduce that file size? or is the only way to reduce the number of sections? (we have over 1500)

Re: Nortree problems

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 10:34 pm
by norman
NorCascade is another obsolete add-on. It also relies on that huge JavaScript file and would not be a good idea.

The nearest current one is NorList. It's search engine friendly but you'd have to limit it to expanding to only a couple of levels in case you end up with too much HTML on the page.

Details on - best email me if interested.