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Fancybox Multi Product Images - highlight current icon

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2016 10:05 pm
by norman
If you want to highlight the current icon in Fancybox Multi Product Images V4, do the following:

Edit file (in your Site folder) fancyboxwithmultiimagesupport.js and look for the line (it's near the top):

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	var imgid = 'im-' + anc;
Immediately after that line add:

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	$( "img.lbicon[data-lbpimgid='" + imgid + "']" ).removeClass('lbiconselected');
	$( icon ).addClass('lbiconselected');
Go to Design /Library / Layouts / Lightbox Images / Lightbox Support Styles.
Add the bottom add a line:

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.lbiconselected				{border:1px solid blue !important;}
The standard add-on puts a silver border around each icon and this tweak changes that to a blue one for the currently clicked icon.