Toggle euro/pound

Automatic multi currency display on entire catalog.

Run your catalog in a main currency (or a main and alternate) with the customer having the option to turn on an additional currency throughout the Catalog, Cart and Checkout.
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Toggle euro/pound

Post by jxm28788 »

Is there a way to set this up so that it displays the prices in Pounds or Euros instead of £1.99 (2.25 EUR) or 2.25 EUR (£1.99)?

And then the currency can be toggled by pressing 1 button (ie. no pop drop down list)?
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Post by norman »

This might just be possible, but only with extensive (and expensive) customisation.

This may be somewhat misleading to your customers as the second price is purely informative. Actinic is still working internally in it's home currency and that's what they'll be billed in.
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