Passing on alt currency values

Automatic multi currency display on entire catalog.

Run your catalog in a main currency (or a main and alternate) with the customer having the option to turn on an additional currency throughout the Catalog, Cart and Checkout.
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Passing on alt currency values

Post by pixelhaus »

I'm currently building a site with norprice which integrates to netbanx. What I'd like to do is pass on the alt currency variable and the alt currency value variable to netbanx so it'll automatically set the correct amount. Can this be done ? You can see the beta site at
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Re: Passing on alt currency values

Post by norman »

I've always stayed away from doing any modifications that involve the PSP interface so I'm not the right person for this job.

I don't know anyone with this sort of experience.

If you find someone, they'll find code in the NorPrice patched that extracts the Alternative currency and rate. Search said file for "NorPrice". This should help them do what you want.

I also don't recommend doing this. You may need to consider the security concerns. NorPrice is intended to display an informative approximate second price. A skilled hacker may be able to manipulate the cookie that contains the rate to produce their own alternative price. Not a problem if they are merely looking at the results but very scary if you're going to allow it to be passed to a PSP.
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