Problem showing currency

Automatic multi currency display on entire catalog.

Run your catalog in a main currency (or a main and alternate) with the customer having the option to turn on an additional currency throughout the Catalog, Cart and Checkout.
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t d w

Problem showing currency

Post by t d w »

I seem to be having a problem with the script. When I select a currency it shows up fine against the product on the main page but not in the on screen cart and also not in the checkout. Can you recommend anything I should check? I am using 7.0.4
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Post by norman »

If you upgrade Actinic then any patched Perl files get replaced with Actinic original copies.

NorPrice uses a patched copy of to display alternative currencies in the Cart and Checkout and this should be replaced (in Site1) with the appropriate Norprice patched version.

You can get suitably patched files from - look in the NorPrice information for the links.
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