Issues to do with installing and configurating Norcat.
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Hi Norman

I forgot to ask you another question for the Joy Website (
How possible would it be to have thumbnails of all the TYPE products on one page, and then click on the image and it shows the product?
So for example there would be thunbnails for all the products in one particular department.


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One way I can think of would be to arrange the Norcat Section List to include the Name as the additional final field.

This would arrange your products as one product per page and the preceding page would show all products of the same type. However the price wouldn't show as it's not available at that point.

It would be quite hard work creating thumbnail images for each of these Section images as these names aren't picked up from T2T product references but from the name of the page. However, Norcat writes a helper file "SectionImages.txt" in to C:\Norcat|Reports containing the filenames to use for these images.
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