Issues to do with installing and configurating Norcat.
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Please can you advise what files I need to delete on my computer to completely uninstall NORCAT from my system?

I have tried Add/Remove Programs via the Control Panel, but that only removes Norcat Catalog Creator.

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You've not said what version of Norcat or Actinic you're using but here's how to do it for Norcat V3 and Actinic V7.

Uninstall Norcat.

Delete everything in C:/Norcat (and sub folders).

Then remove any files from your Actinic Site that begin with norcat.

Copy into Site1 actiniccore.js, Act_ProductPrice.html and Act_ProductImage.html from your current Actinic theme (appropriate folder within C:\Program Files\Actinic v7\Formats\Themes).

Finally copy into Site1 ActinicOrder.pm, OrderScript.pl and ShoppingCart.pl from C:\Program Files\Actinic v7\Original
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