Using T2T Style Card Options Field to exclude products

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Using T2T Style Card Options Field to exclude products

Post by CMS »

We are successfully using X in the Rem1 field to exclude a product from the catalog, but wanted to know if it is also possible to exclude one or more of the colours in a style card from appearing in the catalog?
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Post by norman »

I'm afraid that's not possible.

Of course colours with no stock get omitted, so if you really had to hide a particular colour you could set all its stock counts to zero but this may interfere with reporting / ordering, etc.

Also there's an option to skip colours with no image (in Norcat / Config). This is a global setting so you'd need to have images for every other product in every colour in order to use this.

If it's a really important requirement I could add it in but it would be at extra cost. I guess I could add something into the Notes field like:-


where this would be a list of colours to skip for that product.

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