Configuring Norcat to display RRP and Sale Prices in Actinic

Issues to do with installing and configurating Norcat.
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Configuring Norcat to display RRP and Sale Prices in Actinic

Post by CMS »

How do you configure Norcat to display two different prices in Actinic, i.e. a recommended retail price and reduced price for selected items, and display the prices in 2 different colours ?

We have tried selecting the following options in Norcat:
MainPriceField - Sell 1 (normal price)
AltPriceField - Sell 3 (reduced price)
but all this does is replace Sell1 with Sell3 to display the revised
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Post by norman »

Assuming your normal (RRP) prices are in Sell1 and your discounted prices are in Sell3 then do this.

1) In Norcat / Config select Sell1 as MainPriceField and Sell3 as AltPriceField.
This will mean that products will be priced at Sell1 UNLESS there's a non-zero value in Sell3 which
will then override that price.

Now if there is a Sell3 and it's lower than Sell1 we want to display that higher price as the RRP.
Norcat can generate conditional code for just such a situation.

2) Go to Norcat / Config / click the Advanced button, select the CustomVars tab and look at the line SELL1.
Tick Generate
Set Prefix to:- <br><font color=red><s>RRP £
Set Suffix to:- </s>&nbsp;</font>
Tick HideIfBlank
Set Hide if.. to:- <=

Click Done and then Save when back at the Config window.

This will generate an Actinic Custom Property called SELL1 which will be empty unless SELL1 is Greater than SELL3.
Now we have to edit an Actinic Template to show that Custom Property.

3) Edit Act_ProductPrice.html (in your Site1 folder)
Look for the fragment


amend it to be


Run Norcat, Update the Site and that should be that.
You can tweak the HTML in Prefix and Suffix to suit your needs.

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