Skip Sections in Norcat Config

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Skip Sections in Norcat Config

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Hi Norman

Would it be possible to have a third Skip Section in Norcat Config?

The reason we are asking this is that we are trying to exclude a long list of sub sections (types) from a specific department in our catalogue, but instead of switching off individual sections, Norcat is turning off the whole department, e.g. instead of CLOTHING|UNISEX|AQUASTRAPS, which is one from a list of 100 similar entries we want to exclude), it closes CLOTHING|UNISEX

Please advise

Thanks & Regards
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What you are seeing shouldn't happen. Norcat should skip just the sections you specify.

I can't help further unless you send me a zipfile of everything in C:\Norcat\Data and the single file C:\Norcat\Config.txt.

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