Changing department order

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Changing department order

Post by craig112 »

Hi there

Is it possible to change the order in which departments appear in the catalogue from within Norcat?


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Post by norman »

Norcat maintains these in Alphabetic order. The alternative would have been random order and that would be chaotic.

Changing the name of a Department would, of course, alter it's position. You can do this in T2T but if you want to leave your T2T system unaltered Norcat can do this via Config / Params / Dept. If you have a T2T department called "WIDGETS" and you'd prefer it to be known on the website as "ACCESSORIES" then the following entry would do it


If you wanted to force WIDGETS to appear at the top then you could fudge this by an entry like


the "-" character appears in the ASCII character set before the alphabet so this will become the top category. The downside is that it will now be called -WIDGETS.

You can also do this with Products. If the T2T product name starts with "-" then will appear at the top of the page. You might also be able to start the name with a space (again in T2T) and achieve the same result) but without showing a strange prefix.

See ... BOOTS.html for an example.
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