switching off the extended info "more " button

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Pc Angels

switching off the extended info "more " button

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Is it possible to switch this facility off, or to change it so that you can get the extended info by clicking on the stock image, as you can do in actinic.

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At the moment it's not possible. Norcat uses an image for each colour which is an extension of Actinics capabilities and is much more suited to T2T users requirements. This isn't, however, compatible with the way Actinic generates the clickable image.

I could look at addings such a capability. But what would happen to products with no image available or to ones with less images than coulourways?

You can use either the Extended Info Button or a Text Link. Also the Text link can contain HTML so you could use it for a custom image link. Put that image in PreviewHTML and also add that image in Actinic / Advanced / Additional Files so that it knew what to upload for you.

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You can also change the placement of the Extra Info link text (or custom image) or Button by moving the NETQUOTEVAR's




within the Norcat product templates. Norcat uses 4 templates (they're all in Site1) and all should be changed:-


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