Importing Norcat

Issues to do with installing and configurating Norcat.
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Importing Norcat

Post by PcAngels »

Hi Norman

When I import Norcat into Actinic it doesn't show any of the products. In Norcat all the data that I require are being made into sections and Norcat seems to run fine. Does this mean that Actinic isn't reading Norcat properly? If so how can I fix this?

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Post by norman »

Two things.

1) Make sure that the file C:\Norcat\Output\catalog.csv contains some lines beginning


If so you definitely have generated some products.

If there are no "Product,...." lines there then you've done something in Norcat that is restricting it from generating any output. Examples include setting a Branch code(s) that don't exist in Norcat / Config. You'd be saying that you only want products from non-existent branches.

Also in Norcat / Config there are some settings that skip T2T records with no notes, with no images al all, or colours that have no unique image. Make sure these are unchecked for initial tests.

2) Make sure that when you import that file into Actinic you do REPLACE for the "update or replace" question.

If these don't shed any light then zip up C:\Norcat\Output\catalog.csv and send it to me for a peek.

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