Enable picking lowest level section from Nortree

Basic cascading menu for Actinic 5 onwards.
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Enable picking lowest level section from Nortree

Post by Lee »

I have used Nortree to put my sections into drop down lists on my website.
I have three levels of sections the first one is called Maintenance and under it I have a number of other sections one being Adhesives & Sealants under this I have other sections one being Devcon.

If I click on Devcon I get a list of my products which is fine. However if I click on the section above this called Adhesives and Sealants I get a page that is blank. Can I disable this so that they will have to select the lowest level section?

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Post by norman »

Hi, Lee

This was asked for before, so I put an option to do this into NorTree.

Look in the main NorTree config screen (the top half) and check Only Final Links.

Please remember that this program is Donationware.
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