Adding in an extra enlarged image

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Adding in an extra enlarged image

Post by PcAngels »

Hi Norman, heres another query: Would you be able to add in a further image enlargment facility, for example: you would have image 000001, 000001-p, and 000001-pp. Let me know if this is possible, and/or if it is chargeable. Thanks in advance.
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Post by norman »

I'm beginning to suffer from wish list overload. Just because I freely add in one requested feature (because I think it's a good idea) I'm not going to add in any more requested features unless chargeable (and it won't be cheap) or I add them into a new release of Norcat, which will have an upgrade fee.

However if you have only a few products that need this type of capability it can be done by adding embedded HTML into the product description. That's in the Norcat Options and flagas doc.

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