Lightbox and tabber together?

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Lightbox and tabber together?

Post by valves »

Hi, Sorry if this has been mentioned but i would like to use Lightbox and tabber together, but I noticed I only have one layout opition, either tabber or lightbox.
Is there a way to use both?
Thanks, Keith
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Re: Lightbox and tabber together?

Post by norman »

Both the Lightbox and Tabber ReadMe's have instructions on how to add their respective capabilities to your own layouts.

You can use this to add (say) the Tabber capability to the supplied Lightbox layout. Adding Tabber to an existing product layout is a single line substitution. Here's the bit from the ReadMe:

You can add the tabbed layout into any existing Product Layout by replacing variable

<actinic:variable name="ProductDescription" />


<actinic:variable name="TabbedDescription" value="TabbedProductDescription" />
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