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Path problem

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I have a site that has worked fine with lightbox for some time - great product.
But yesterday it started to not show the thumbnail image on the site. the problem is in the path generated- any new products have a path with the AutoScaledImage included in the image path. ... f_100.jpg

Cause - I had a different problem related to checkout and unrelated to this - a fix was apparently available with 10.0.3 so I upgraded from 10.0.2
Has this introduced the problem? But looking back I am as certain as I can be - given computers are what they are - that the problem was there on one newly added product BEFORE the upgrade - but our ficus was on the checkout problem. So really not sure if it is a upgrade issue or not - every bone in my body tells me it is but my memory says otherwise....
10.0.3 has changed the way folders work in relation to SITEHTML etc so I am really hoping this is the cause and it will be easily fixed.

Any advice much appreciated.


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Re: Path problem

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Can you post a link to a product with a faulty icon please?

Also, there are certainly quirks in 10.0.3.LAFA's handling of images. Actinic have an interim release 10.0.3.LBIA that may be worth installing to fix this. Available via Actinic Support I hope.
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