Changing colours

Horizontal menu bar with dynamic multi column drop-down display.
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Changing colours

Post by yanni »

Hi Norman,

I'm trying to change the colours on the menu bar as well as text without any success.
What am I doing wrong, the menu works fine otherwise.

I go to: Settings>Site options>Layout>Multi Column Menu

Then I change some of the colours, click Apply, then OK, exit without any effect.
I even restarted Actinic without any results.

I use Actinic Catalog V9, Prime template.

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Re: Changing colours

Post by norman »

Mega comes with a choice of styles selected via setting "Menu Theme" (Settings / Site Options / Layout / Multi Column Menu). The "configurable" one is the only one that lets you choose the colours for all the bits of the menu. Others take their colours from the Actinic Theme that you're using. Note that the Multi Column Menu ReadMe says "The following settings are for use with the configurable MenuTheme:" so the settings after that may not have any effect if you're not using configurable.

You can manually tweak the CSS you are using by checking the Menu Theme setting (Settings / Site Options / Layout / Multi Column Menu), then editing that theme which is in Design / Library / Layouts / Multi Column Menu.
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