finished images ready for the web

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finished images ready for the web

Post by peakstore »

:? i have added some nwe images to preview html and now want to update this so it shows on the web site, where do i need to copy the image to? i have ran norcat and updated but no images are there so i am presuming i have to put the image somewhere else ?
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Post by norman »

Putting the images into PreviewHTML (make sure it's the Actinic 7 one) is all that you need to do with them. Make sure the image extensions (gif, jpg or jpeg) are in lowercase.

When you run Norcat / Make File / Make Sorted these images are then added to the import file ready for Actinic to use.

You then need to run Actinic and do File / Import (answering Yes / Next / OK ) to all the prompts and that will bring the Norcat generated data into Actinic.

Finally, in Actinic do Web / Update Website and that's that.
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