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Greg Joy

Thumbnail Display per page

Post by Greg Joy »

Hello Norman,

Have a major problem with Norcat, hope you can help...
On my site, you browse by dept, then by style, for which I have 'thumbnail' images (they're slightly larger). The problem is it displays all the styles on the same page - if I have 30 styles it scrolls all the way down past the end of my page. Is there no way to have a maximum of six on one page, six on another etc? Otherwise it seems unfeasible if you have a lot of stock on your site! Have a look at ... SHIRT.html, any help much appreciated.

- Greg
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Post by norman »

One of the benefits of Norcat is that it automatically builds the entire site from your T2T data.

This leads to a weakness in that it has no idea that you want a different layout from the T2T generated one. I'm actively looking at putting this feature into Norcat V4. Probably via a "Max Items Per Page" parameter.

There is a way to do this manually within T2T. Say you have 30 T-Shirts all using T2T style TSH (description T-SHIRT). If you add new styles TS1 (description T-SHIRT|Page 1), TS2, (description T-SHIRT|Page 2), TS2, (description T-SHIRT|Page 3) and edit your t-shirt style cards to use these new style names then Norcat will creat a single section T-SHIRTS containing 3 (or more) sub-sections Page 1, Page2, Page 3, etc, where the actual products will be put.

This capability of using "|" to split a description into sub-sections is very powerful. It allows you to have a deeper section structure than the default.
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