Get T2T Data - Error Message

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Get T2T Data - Error Message

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We've been experiencing problems when running "Get T2T Data" in Norcat
v. 3.3.05; each time it stops at the same place "Copying T2_Bra_31253" and we get a Norcat error message stating "Field REF must have a value".

We have checked our T2_BRA Data file and notice that 023885 is the barcode against cell reference 31253, the next row against 31254 is blank, and 023890 is the barcode against cell reference 31255.

We did have a blank Supplier's Reference field on the main card in Top2Toe the first time this message came up and amended this field to include a reference, but Norcat is still throwing up an error message at the same place.

Would a blank Supplier Reference or User field in Top 2 Toe cause this problem, or should we be looking for something else?
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It looks very like you have some corrupt T2T data, probably from some earlier T2T crash. The Ref field mentioned is, in fact, the Product Reference (e.g. 001234), and all T2_Bra records should have that field filled in.

There are Database Maintenance and Ceanup routines withing T2T (but please make a backup before running them). It may be best to seek advice from whoever does your T2T support first.
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