Fix for magnifier being constrained on mobile devices.

Integration of Magic Zoom Plus from with Actinic.
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Fix for magnifier being constrained on mobile devices.

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If viewing a product on a small-screen mobile device, Magic Zoom Plus switches to displaying a magnified area around the bit of the main image you touch. If the magnified image is being clipped to only show within the product layout border then the following should fix this:-

Go to Design / Library / Layouts / Zoom Image Layout / Magic Zoom Styles
Scroll to the bottom and add a new line:

Code: Select all

#product-page-body form {overflow: visible !important;}
OK out and update the site.

P.S. Phone / tablet based web-browsers don’t have many controls so it may be quite difficult to get yours to load a fresh copy of the updated pages.

You may need to try on a different phone (that hasn’t recently accessed your site) to see if it’s now working OK.
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