Hide top level for sub level naviagtion

Search engine friendly UL list type menu for Actinic V8 and V9. Styled by CSS and animated by a small JavaScript.
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Hide top level for sub level naviagtion

Post by andyau »

Hi Norman

I am using NorList as the subnav on a page that is a sub level down from the main level navigation.

Home | New Arrivals | Jewelery | Silver

Jewelery and Silver have four sub-sections, on each of these pages it would be great if the navigation could only start at the sub-level not repeating the top level again.

Is this possible?

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Re: Hide top level for sub level naviagtion

Post by norman »

Not possible as NorList was designed to always start with the top-level lists. Otherwise customers wouldn't easily be able to move out of (say) the Jewellery sections and visit other main areas. If stuck in |(say) Jewelery, they might quickly forget that there are other areas of the site to visit.
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