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Drillpine Ltd
25 Sunbury Street





Software and techniques for extending SellerDeck.


Drillpine has been working with SellerDeck e-commerce since version 3 way back in 1999. We have some commercial products and a lot of "DonationWare" ones as well.


Easily build an e-commerce site from Top 2 Toe data.

Users of the Top2Toe system already have all the data necessary to fill an on-line web-site.

The purpose of Norcat is to allow Top2Toe users to work entirely in the daily environment they already know and to automatically build a web-site from that data in a few minutes.

Enhancements and additions to SellerDeck.

Most of these are provided as HOWTO text documents that show you how to patch the various bits of SellerDeck to achieve the result.

I try to make these all work as enhancements to SellerDeck in that they add additional functionalilty without changing the usual way things work. These are patches and most involve altering some of the Perl scripts that SellerDeck uses. SellerDeck won't support patched scripts so use at your own risk.

Bespoke Customisation.

If you need SellerDeck to do something impossible then we can probably help.

Recent projects include:-

Selling by area. Complex calculations needed to sell picture frames. One price per metre of frame, another per sq m. of glass, backboard, etc. Another client selling Carpets had a similar need.

Dynamic Price Calculation. PC builder needed the price of a system to be continuously updated as options were added.

Upsell Items. Adding "Additional Product" icons to a main product. Clicking these Icons pops up full info on the add-on along with a Cart Button. See a demo here.

Colour/Size Matrix. Wholesaler needed a method of allowing customers to choose lots of colour/size combinations at once. See a demo here.



Some sites we've helped with:-

Using Norcat to build their SellerDeck site from their shops Top 2 Toe database.

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