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Norcat Setup (7Mb)
V3.3.06 07-12-05
Fully working but only processes half your T2T data until registered.

Latest Patch (650Kb)
V3.3.06 07-12-05
See the zipfile's readme.txt for installation info.

V7 Installation Guide (75Kb) 04-06-06

V7 Operation Guide (24Kb) 04-06-06

V6 Installation Guide (72Kb) 28-07-04

V6 Operation Guide (16Kb) 03-08-04

Perl Patches (needed if you upgrade SellerDeck to a new version)
V6.1.3 (140Kb)
V6.1.4 (140Kb)
V6.1.5 (140Kb)
V7.0.1 (143Kb)
V7.0.2 (144Kb)
V7.0.3 (144Kb)
V7.0.4 (144Kb)
V7.0.5 (145Kb)
V7.0.6 (145Kb)

Version 7.0.1 Templates (8Kb)

Version 7.0.2 Templates (8Kb)

Version 7.0.3 Templates (8Kb)

Version 7.0.4 Templates (8Kb)

Version 7.0.5 Templates (10Kb)

Version 7.0.6 Templates (10Kb)

Change Log



Effortlessly build an e-commerce site from Top 2 Toe data.

There are many ways to create an e-commerce web-site. Some of them require extensive in-house Internet skills. Most take lots of time to install and update.

There are several off the shelf e-commerce packages that are inexpensive to buy and run. Keeping them up-to-date, however, is a big job if you have thousands of product lines and a busy shop selling the same items.

For ease of use and easy site maintenance Drillpine have developed Norcat. This fully integrates a shops existing Top 2 Toe data with SellerDeck Catalog.

SellerDeck Catalog is a well-regarded package, which builds a web-site on your BackOffice PC and uploads it to low-cost (approx £20 per month) commercial web-space. It also downloads orders that have been made to the BackOffice PC. SellerDeck offers a 30 day free trial. Some Internet Service Providers (ISP's) also offer SellerDeck pre-installed. See www.sellerdeck.co.uk for full information.

Users of the Top2Toe system already have all the data necessary to fill an on-line web-site.

Norcat allows Top2Toe users to work entirely in the daily environment they already know and to automatically build a web-site from that data in a few minutes.

How it works

The user Installs SellerDeck Catalog and Norcat onto a PC with an Internet connection. This can be the same system that Top2Toe is running on, or another one.

In Norcat you choose which of your Top2Toe parameters to use to categorise your web-site by. You may use between 1 and 5 of your categories (like Department, Type, Supplier, User1 and User2).

Within an hour of installing you should be able to preview your entire stock list's web-site.

Another hour may then be needed in Top2Toe to edit the descriptions of the chosen category entries to give them more meaningful names (to prospective customers).

Daily operation

From now on, no more configuration is needed. You just keep running Top2Toe as usual. As you bring new products into stock and sell-out of old ones they appear and disappear automatically from the web-site whenever it is next updated.

Whenever you want to update your web-site you run Norcat and 4 mouse clicks later your latest Top2Toe data is converted to a format suitable for SellerDeck Catalog to import. You next run SellerDeck Catalog and another 12 clicks later your fresh web-site is being uploaded onto the Internet. From start to finish this takes around 15 minutes. Most of this is unattended upload time by modem (based on a busy shop with around 5,500 individual products).

Enhancing the site

Whenever you have time you can expand the usefulness (and appeal) of your web-site by adding product description (again staying within Top2Toe) by adding text to the Style Cards Notes field.

Pictures may be worth much more than words on an e-commerce site. Norcat automatically incorporates pictures whenever you add them. Just save them with the same filename as your Top2Toe reference number.

Norcat and SellerDeck Version 7.

SellerDeck V7.0.5 is now released. Norcat is compatible with this version (and with all prior V7 releases).

Just set Norcat / Config / Version to "6" and copy the appropriate version of the Templates and Perl Patches into your V7 Site folder.

The Installation Guide for V6 is broadly compatible with V7 (but use the patch files mentioned above).

If you are upgrading from 7.0.X to a higher 7.0.X then you need all the 7.0.X Perl Patches and only the single file actiniccore.js from the Version 7.0.X Templates. This will preserve any modifications you made to the Norcat specific templates.

Norcat Cascading Menu.

Norcat can generate a dynamic drop down menu showing all the sections on your site. Installation and configuration details are here.



Some sites we've helped with:-

Using Norcat to build their SellerDeck site from their shops Top 2 Toe database.


What's New?

07-12-05 V 3.3.06
Bugfix. Misleading warnings on bad TemplateOverride.

08-09-05 V3.3.05
Bugfix. Section Names failed to import if they contained " character.

12-04-05 V3.3.04
Bugfix. Compact code wasn't skipping if Skip no No Images selected.

22-10-04 V3.3.03
Now using Delphi 7 compiler.
Clicking 6 digit images will now allow popup.
See changelog for full details.

18-09-04 V3.2.05 New feature. More fields in Section and Description list. All list parameters can now be mapped to new values.

27-08-04 V3.2.02 New feature. T2T Ref now available in Section and Description List.

27-08-04 V3.2.01 New feature. Second Skip Section List.

02-08-04 V3.2.00 Update. Error shown if Section Images don't exist.

28-07-04 V3.1.99 Bugfix. Wrong sizes were displayed if
Minsize > 1.

27-07-04 V3.1.98 Bugfix. Product Weight (from Options Field) wasn't being passed to SellerDeck.

13-05-04 V3.1.95 More choices for Options Field.

12-05-04 V3.1.94 Helpful report showing any records with something in Options field (Rem1 or Rem2) now available.

10-05-04 V3.1.93 Helpful report showing image names that will match Sections now available.

Custom Properties. E.g. You could use Sell3 as a RRP.

Popup Pages. You can have popup pages containing bigger images and longer description.

Better File I/O. Handles locked T2T data better.

More fields available for building Product Name.

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