NorTree showing on reciept page

Basic cascading menu for Actinic 5 onwards.
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NorTree showing on reciept page

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I have got everything working sweet and lovely, but NorTree shows on the reciept page when making an order.

I presume that because i am using a div to locate the menu on the page.

i have tried a number of methods to try and hide the div and/or layer, but with no luck.

the server is in testing so you can go through and make an order without having to pay.

it is at:
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Post by norman »

In Actinic go to Design / Options / Layouts / Primary Templates.

Here you'll see templates for the various phases of the site.

You can use a different template for the checkout or modify the one you're using (saved to a different file name) to remove the NorTree code.
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